Tuesday, February 18

Psalm: 74


1 Timothy: In verse 2:7 Paul identifies himself as a herald much as the angels of Luke 2:8-14 when Jesus was born. Just as at Jesus’ birth the angelic host announced the birth of a savior, so Paul does the same throughout Macedonia, Asia, Achaia (Greece) and finally Rome also. He is instructing Timothy now, as it were, to follow his footsteps as the example of a father in the faith to his son. Paul also encourages that “requests, prayers, intercessions [i.e., praying for someone] and thanksgiving be made for everyone.” (v. 2:1) The act, or even the art of thanksgiving cannot be emphasized enough.

Gospel: Mark 11:12-26

New Testament: 1 Timothy 1:18 – 2:8

Old Testament: Isaiah 63:7-14

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