January 26, 2020

Third Week of Epiphany

Listen. Epiphany means “to show or reveal” and during this season we are learning stories that reveal Jesus’ identity to us. 

Read Matthew 4:12-16. In this passage Matthew connects Jesus’ move to Galilee to a prophecy by Isaiah.

  • What does Isaiah’s prophecy tell us about Jesus’ identity?

Imagine you are one of those people living in darkness.

  • What does this mean?

Jesus is not only hope for those living in darkness, he also brings a message of hope. Now, for the first time in Epiphany, we hear from Jesus himself. Read Matthew 4:17.

  • What is Jesus’ core message?
  • Who is the king of the kingdom of heaven?
  • Why is this good news?
  • What is this kingdom of heaven like? (peek down at Matthew 4:23
  • How are we to respond to Jesus’ message? 

To repent is to turn. It is to turn from a life of sin and turn to the living God. It is the Prodigal Son waking up in the pig sty and turning around and humbly heading for home. (See Luke 15:11-32 for that story.) 

Read Matthew 4:18-22.

  • Who do Peter, Andrew, James and John follow when they turn away from their old life?
  • What does Jesus promise to do for them if they follow him? 

Respond. Jesus is light for people living in darkness. Jesus’ good news is that he is bringing his kingdom into our world. It is near. We are called to turn from sin and follow Jesus (repent). 

  • What sins is Jesus calling you to turn away from? 
  • How is the Holy Spirit calling you to repent?

Following Jesus for Peter, Andrew, James and John meant leaving their boats and following Jesus into a new life. What does following Jesus look like for you? What will you do? Be personal and specific. 

Share. Jesus promised to transform these fishermen into fishers of men (people). Jesus is calling them to follow him so that they could call others to follow Jesus. 

What five people are you praying for daily? 

We call this praying for your five. This is a special prayer for five people in your life where you pray:

  • That God works through the circumstances of their lives so that they are open to following Jesus.
  • Ask God to give you opportunities to invite them to follow Jesus with you.

Make a plan to share this lesson with someone in your life and invite them to follow Jesus with you.

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