Sunday, January 19

Psalm: 55


John: So here we are in Samaria. It is difficult for us today easily to grasp how ostracized the Samaritans were treated by the Jews. The Samaritans were considered by Jews and non-Jews alike as “half-breeds”. As contemptible as that terms sounds to us, such was the state in which the Samaritans found themselves. Jesus couldn’t get any more unclean even if He had bathed with the pigs in a sty. Adding fuel to the fire we have a woman (of ill-repute, no less) talking to Jesus. Can’t get any more unclean which only heightens what actually happened here. 

Gospel: John 4:27-42

New Testament: Hebrews 6:17 – 7:10

Old Testament: Isaiah 43:14 – 44:5

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