Tuesday, January 7

Psalm: 89


John: The fifth commandment of the Decalogue reminds us to “Honor your father and your mother.” (Exodus 20:12) While that command holds the prospect of a long and fulfilling life, alas, Jesus died at about age 33. The point is Mary mentions the crisis of the day to Jesus, whose response to our ears sounds less than respectful, still He accedes to His mother’s request and provides between 120-180 gallons of “better” wine. BTW the term “dear woman” in the Aramaic or Hebrew or perhaps even in Greek (I don’t know for sure) is much softer and more respectful than it sounds to us. Perhaps “ma’am” would be better.

Gospel: John 2:1-11

New Testament: Revelation 2:1-7

Old Testament: Isaiah 52:3-6

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