Monday, December 23

Psalm: 21


John: This is a discourse on the “bread of live”. (v. 35) Always always, always, the crowds keep looking for a sign. No sign would be good enough. Jesus changed water into wine; He heals the royal official’s son; He feeds the 5,000; and though only His disciples saw it, He walked on the water. Jesus reminds them that the manna wit which Moses fed the Israelites actually came from God (like they couldn’t figure that out). Having just fed the 5,000 the same crowd wants Jesus to give them that bread (which will make them hunger no more). This is that same- self-serving which the “woman at the well” (John 4) was seeking with regard to water.

Gospel: John 5:30-47

New Testament: Revelation 20:1-10

Old Testament: Isaiah 11:1-9

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