Advent 2019 – Week 1: Hope

Memorize this verses as a family:

Romans 13:12 The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. 

So let us put aside the deeds of darkness 

and put on the armor of light. 

Activity: Light an Advent Wreath

An advent wreath is a wreath with five candles. Four candles are placed on the outer ring of the wreath (three are purple, one is pink) and one candle is placed in the center. December 1st is the first Sunday in Advent, so this week you light one candle (the purple one opposite the pink one). Set up an advent wreath for your family and light it once a week during Advent and then on Christmas day.

The first candle you light today is the “hope” candle. Read Isaiah 2:1-5 together. Isaiah the prophet talks about the hope of Jesus’ coming. Jesus will call the people of the world to come to him and he will teach us how to love God and love others the way Jesus loved his Father and loved us. 

Discussion. How did Jesus love us? What did he do? Have the members of the family share personal and specific examples of what Jesus does for us. What would the world be like if everyone loved each other the way Jesus loves us? 

Romans 13:12 tells us that Jesus is almost here. We have to get ready. “The night is nearly over; the day is almost here.” What do you when the morning comes? [Normally, you get up and get dressed.] How do you know what to wear? [It depends on what is happening that day.]

What will we take off and what will we put on now that Jesus is almost here? Deeds of darkness are the bad things we do, specifically when we are jealous and we fight. The armor of light is when we love others the way Jesus loves us. 

Set Goals. Be specific and personal.

  • How will we get ready for the coming of Jesus?
  • What sins will we get rid of (take off)?
  • How will we love the people in our life (put on)?

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