Going Deeper: November 17

Listen.  Paul is in prison facing execution. He is at the end of his life, so he writes one last letter to Timothy, a young man that he trained as a follower of Jesus and church leader. He gives some of his final instructions in 2 TImothy 2:1-10.He urges Timothy to entrust the message he has given him, the good news about Jesus, to faithful people who will be able to pass it on to others. He encourages Timothy to pursue this mission with the focus and discipline as a soldier, the dedication of an athlete, and the sweat of a hardworking farmer. 

This is the message Timothy was to entrust to others:  Jesus is raised from the dead and is descended from David. The good news is that Jesus died for our sins and was raised from the dead so that we could be forgiven, adopted in God’s family and given the gift of eternal life. Because Jesus is a descendent of David, he is our eternal king who brings justice to the world. We follow Jesus as our king.

Discussion.We know Jesus’ good news because Paul passed it on to Timothy who passed it onto others who passed it on to us. How did you hear the good news about Jesus? Who told you? When did you start to believe it? Why did you believe it? 

Paul’s instructions to Timothy have been passed on to us. We are to pass on Jesus’ good news to others who will teach others. Who has God put in your life with whom you can share Jesus’ good news? How can you spend time with them and help them follow Jesus? 

Set Goals. Make a plan to regularly pray for five people in your life that don’t yet follow Jesus that God would bless them and work through the circumstances of their life so that they are open to following Jesus. Make a plan to spend time with them and look for opportunities to invite them to follow Jesus with you. 

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