Thursday, September 5

Psalms: 56, 64


Act: We see the Holy Spirit at work in Antioch for he called Saul (later Paul) and Barnabas apart for a missionary journey to Asia Minor by way of Cypress. Barnabas and Saul encountered a magician and false prophet named Bar-Jesus (or Elymas) who tried to undo the evangelistic work Barnabas and Saul had begun. Saul stared directly at Elymas and called him “a child of the devil and an enemy of everything that was right.” (v. 10) Paul then caused Elymas to be “blind for a time.” (v. 11)

Gospel: John 9:1-17

New Testament: Acts 13:1-12

Old Testament: Job 16:16-22; 17:1, 13-16

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