Friday, August 23

Psalm: 73


John: We style ourselves as good evangelicals and as such eschew any notion that anyone can work for his salvation. Anyone wishing to know what work God wants of him need only read verse 29 “The work of God is this: to believe in the One He has sent.” Sounds simple in theory but the practice proves a bit more difficult. God is jealous of you and wants all you have to give (willingly). It’s not “What is the least I can do but what is the most.” Look at Luke 21:1-4. This destitute widow gave all she had (i.e., 2 copper coins) which proved to be more than all the wealthier had given (out of their abundance).

Gospel: John 6:27-40

New Testament: Acts 9:1-9

Old Testament: Job 2:1-13

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