Wednesday, August 14

Psalm: 145


John: Jesus was in Judea and in order to avoid trouble sought to go to Galilee. He chose to go through Samaria (i.e., the shortest distance between two points is a straight line), that despised country. This was certainly part of the plan. He lands near Sychar, close to Jacob’s Well. He is thirsty and asks a woman for a drink. She obliges Him after His offer of the eternal well-spring of living water He can provide for her. They talk and she is impressed so much so that she goes into town proclaiming she spoke to the Messiah. It is Christmas time as I write this, but her going into town is not unlike the shepherds who spread about their good news from the manger in Bethlehem.

Gospel: John 4:1-26

New Testament: Acts 6:1-15

Old Testament: Judges 13:15-24

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