Thursday, August 1

Psalm: 68


Judges: The book of Judges is not for the faint of heart. It picks up where Joshua ends alas faithfulness to God and leadership were lacking during this period. Women play a prominent role in this story. As if to make my case, Deborah, the current judge and prophetess summoned Barak to take 10,000 men to face Sisera, general of the king of Canaan. But Barak tells Deborah he won’t go if she won’t go with him. (Poor leader-ship!) Deborah agrees but tells Barak that it will be a woman (Jael) who will deal with Sisera. (Shameful for Sisera to have been killed by a woman.)No honor for Barak.

Gospel: Matthew 27:55-66

New Testament: Acts 1:15-26

Old Testament: Judges 4:4-23

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