Tuesday, July 23

Psalms: 53, 58


Joshua: Joshua is moving from his conquest of Jericho onto the city of Ai. Under the LORD’s direction Joshua had set up an ambush against Ai. The Israelites were divided into two armies: one in front of the city toward what used to be known as Jericho. The remainder were positioned behind the city. As the army of Ai advanced, the Israelites in front of the city feigned retreat and thus were pursued. At this point the rear guard rose up and took the city and set fire to it. They were then were free to plunder it.  

Gospel: Matthew 26:47-56

New Testament: Romans 14:1-12

Old Testament: Joshua 8:1-22

One thought on “Tuesday, July 23

  1. I have been working through Romans this past month. Today’s reading in Roman’s really hit me. I thought a lot about the disputes we have in the church. We fight over whether Christians can drink. Those who are “free-er” despise strict “legalistic” Christians as backwards. Stricter Christians look at others with judgment. Paul reminded me, that regardless of what path I choose, I am do it to honor God out of gratefulness to him. What I have done, is chosen my path, based on what made me look good or “smarter” in comparison to others. That has been a big theme in Romans: stop boasting already!

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