Going Deeper: June 16

Click here to listen to Pastor Nate Hall’s sermon ‘Discipleship is Like a Tree’

Listen. Psalm 1 contrasts a righteous life with a wicked life. A righteous life is one that is “right” with God. It is a life of wisdom, where someone listens to God, lives His teaching and helps others do the same. A righteous life is what a life of a disciple of Jesus looks like.

A disciple who lives a righteous life delights in God’s teaching, mediates on it day and night, so they can make that teaching a part of their life. Such a life looks like a solid tree deeply rooted by streams of water. The tree is unmoved by the storms of life. Its leaves remain healthy and it produces fruit in its season.

The wicked immerse themselves in the lifestyle and advice of the wicked, sinners and the God-mockers. This produces a life that is rootless and easily blown by the winds of life’s struggles.

Respond. What are some of the ways we are immersed in the values and advice of the wicked? How do we walk, sit and stand in it?What are some of the values and ideas that we are absorbing?(It is important to think about the things that are tempting us or we will just rant about other people’s sins.)

What are some things we can do to delight in and immerse ourselves in God’s teaching? How would our lives change if we did this?

Set Goals. Be sure to make these goals personal and specific.

  • What will I do this week so that I am immersing myself in God’s teaching so I delight in it, obey it and begin to pull away from the advice and values of the wicked.
  • Who is one person in my life that I can share this with?

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