Bringing Christ to Work

Jesus never said that it was holier to be a pastor or missionary than to be a banker, a teacher, a builder or a stay-at-home-mom. Our highest calling is to serve God in the fields where he has placed us.

Walter Crutchfield had two conversions. His first was when he decided to become a follower of Jesus.  The second was when he learned that a Christian’s highest calling is not necessarily to go into full-time ministry, but to serve in the field that God had placed him.  For Walter that calling was to work in real estate.

Walter was a successful real estate developer when he came to Christ. His church helped him understand the gospel’s impact on his private life, but he struggled to make the connection between the gospel he learned on Sunday morning and the work he did during the week.  He couldn’t see how being a Christian connected to the workplace beyond his  occasional attempts to shoehorn conversations about Jesus with his coworkers.  It wasn’t until the real estate crash of 2009 that devastated the economy in Phoenix did Walter begin wonder if the gospel might also something to say about the way he developed real estate. He was knee deep in real estate bubble that built housing to suit the worst motivations of humanity: the greedy “I deserve to have it all” mentality that led to foreclosures, unemployment, and bankruptcy. He asked himself,  “Does Jesus have anything to say about the type of homes and the type of communities I build?”

Walter’s struggle is not unique. We pastors (myself included) have done a poor job of helping you understand how the gospel connects to your work life, where you spend spend the bulk of your time. We failed to answer questions such: What does it mean to be Christian executive, teacher, banker, landlord, pipefitter, stay-at-home mom or business owner? How do I bring Jesus in the marketplace?

I don’t have a lot of answers at this point, but I would like to start a conversation. Could you help us out by taking some time to watch the five minute video below by clicking on the link below?

What kinds of questions does it raise? What challenged your understanding of work? How might the gospel affect the way you approach your work? Share your thoughts with us by posting a comment.

WATCH THE VIDEO Business Declares the Glory of God by Nathan Clarke – Christianity Today – October 8, 2012 

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