Daily Bible Readings – Sunday, August 19, 2012

Prayer Psalm: 118

Prayer Point:   Psalm 118 is a song of praise welcoming the Messiah, the Savior, to the city of Jerusalem. It’s true meaning was not realized until the crowds sang it as Jesus rode peacefully into Jerusalem on his way to the cross. Praise God today because when we cried out for help, he sent Jesus to die for our sins. Give him thanks and remember that  because of Jesus’ righteousness his love to us endures forever.

Mark 5:25-34

Jesus is on his way to save the dying daughter of Jairus when he notices that power has gone out from him. Though people are crowding around him, he wants to know who touched him. The woman shrinks in terror because she is ceremonially unclean and had been for the entire 12 years of her bleeding. She shrinks in fear expecting Jesus to lambast her for defiling him. Can you imagine spending twelve years of your life with everyone you know avoiding your touch? What do you think is going through her mind when she steps forward as the one who touched Jesus? What according to Jesus has healed this woman?

2 Corinthian 13:1-11

The Corinthians demanded that Paul present his credentials before they will listen to him.  What does he give them?  What does Paul want the Corinthian church to do before he visits them?  What is his hope for them?  What is the purpose of Paul’s harshness in this letter?

Judges 16:1-14  – Women can make men do stupid things (Samson and Delilah)

Samson was definitely a man of great passion. We saw how he reacted when he was denied his wife. He enjoyed his sex. The opening verses of Chapter 16 tell us that he went to the home of a prostitute. What ill-fated plan did the Philistines hatch? (“At dawn we’ll kill him.” (Judges 16:2 NIV) Okay, not such a detailed plan.)

Samson escapes in the middle of the night thus foiling the Philistines’ plan (such as it was). Enter Delilah.

Poor Samson falls in love with Delilah. The rulers of the Philistines see here a weakness which may be exploited. What do they do? (“The rulers of the Philistines went to her [Delilah] and said, ‘See if you can lure him into showing you the secret of his great strength and how we can overpower him so we may tie him up and subdue him.” (Judges 16:5 NIV) Each of the leaders offers her 1,100 shekels (about 28 pounds) of silver. She can be bought.)

How many times will Delilah try to entice Samson to reveal the secret of his great strength? (Delilah tries three times to trick Samson into “spilling the beans”. He tells her (1) tied with 7 (!) fresh thongs; (2) tied securely with new ropes; (3) weave the 7 (!) braids on his head and tighten with a pin.)

Clearly none of these work because she must go back to him a fourth time. This is what I mean when I think Samson is stupid and proud. Because Samson was so blessed of God I find it difficult to think that he had no common sense, but, alas, he must have been all brawn. I should think that given the three attempts that Delilah had made on him that Samson would discern that she was out to destroy him (and to get the money).

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