7 Ways to Pray for the World’s Poor

The Missions Committee came across this prayer plan while reading the book The Hole in our Gospel. We think it is a great way to weave poverty awareness and prayer into ordinary life during this season of Lent.

1.  When you take your morning shower, pray for families in poor countries who do not have access to clean water, forcing mothers to spend hours collecting inadequate water and causing children to suffer and even die from water-related diseases.

2.  When you pack your lunch or your child’s lunch, pray for the one billion people who are chronically hungry in the world today.

3.  As you commute to your job, pray for the adults around the world who can’t find consistent work to feed their families, or pray for the millions of children forced into harmful or exploitative labor.

4.  When you drop off your child at school, pray for children around the world who cannot get an education because of poverty or discrimination.

5.  As you take a vitamin, pray for the families without adequate health care, leaving them and especially their children vulnerable to preventable diseases.

6.  When you arrive home after work, pray for the children and families who are homeless due to poverty, conflict, or natural disasters.

7.  As you tuck your children into bed, guide them to pray for the millions of children who have lost their parents around the world – especially the fifteen million AIDS orphans around the world, many of whom must survive without guardians.

(Richard Stearns, The Hole in our Gospel, 291-2.)

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