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Going Deeper:

Proper 9

July 5, 2020 – Read James 5:7-11 together. What is God saying to you regarding patience? What are you hearing? How is God challenging you to live a different way in light of this new understanding of patience? Is God asking you to do something or to stop doing something? Is He calling you to trust him with a specific area of your life? Is the Holy Spirit…Read More

Family Challenge:


Here’s something to do as a family to remind you of waiting patiently for God. Find some seeds in the house, fruit, vegetables, whatever you have around and then plant them, either in the house or out in the yard. Keep track of your progress throughout the summer. How long does it take for the seeds to sprout? Which seeds grow faster? Why is…Read More

Keeping Spiritually Fit Blog Series

Gospel Meditation Example

Last week, I wrote about a spiritual practice called “Gospel Meditation”. This week, I thought I would include an example of a gospel meditation that I did a few weeks ago. It is one thing to describe something, it is sometimes clearer to demonstrate it. I begin with prayer: “Father, help me encounter Jesus Christ …

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