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Going Deeper: Final Sunday in Epiphany

February 23, 2020 – Epiphany is the season where we learn stories that show us who Jesus is. No other event, except for Jesus’ death and resurrection, tells us more about his identity than the Transfiguration (Jesus’ big change). Here in Matthew 17:1-9 God pulls back the veil and we see a glimpse of Jesus’ glory. As you read this…Read More

Family Challenge: Final Sunday of Epiphany

Sometimes the truth about someone is hidden. For example, if you looked at a caterpillar, you might be surprised to see it transform itself into a butterfly with wings. The same is true with Jesus. By all appearances, Jesus looked like a man. But one day Jesus went up on a mountain with three of his disciples, and he was changed. Jesus’ hidden self could…Read More

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I am sitting at Reverence Church and I am disappointed. We all are. Attendance is down significantly at our third evening service, the church planting team seems disjointed and distracted, and “George” is drunk. We smelled it on his breath as soon as he walked in. Months of work, time, and sacrifice seemed to be washed away in a moment…