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Church Small: Sunday, March 29

Read Psalm 130 together. This psalm is a “song of ascents”, meaning that it was a song sung by worshipers as they went up to Jerusalem to worship God in the temple. The Jerusalem and its temple were situated on Mount Zion. So no matter what direction you came from, you were always going up to the temple. Make this… Click here for this week’s Church Small Guide.

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Daily Bible Reading

Going Deeper: Fifth Sunday in Lent

Click here to watch to Pastor Nate’s sermon “Seeing God in the Dark”

March 29, 2020What did you hear in the Scripture reading and the sermon? What is God saying to you? What do we learn about Jesus in the “darkness” of Lazarus’ sickness and death?What do we learn about ourselves? Respond. If this is God’s word to you, what will you do? Here are some prompts to help guide your response. One or…Read More

Family Challenge: Fifth Sunday in Lent

Click here to watch this week’s Children’s Message.

What are some of the things that Pastor Nate said we can see better in the dark? Jesus is going to allow things to get dark for some of his friends that he loves. This is not the kind of dark when the lights are off, but the kind of dark when life gets sad and scary. He is going to do this so they can see something really special that you can only see in…Read More

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Jesus left us with one command before he ascended into heaven. “Go and make disciples of all nations.” This presents us with a problem: we don’t know what a healthy disciple looks like, let alone how to make one. We also can’t give away what we don’t have ourselves. Before diving into making disciples, we need to know what we are aiming for…